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The LGBTQ+ Community and “Gay Conversion Therapy”

William Lee, University of Manchester

Malta made history on the 7th December 2016 when the Maltese Parliament unanimously approved the Affirmation of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression Bill. Among other things, the Bill criminalises “gay conversion therapy”, giving legal recognition that for the position that “no sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression constitutes a disorder, disease or shortcoming of any sort”. This thereby relieves the LGBTQ+ community of potentially being subjugated to any “deceptive and harmful” act designed to change their sexual behaviour or gender identity.

The new Act in effect positions Malta as the first European country to ban “gay conversion therapy”.

The Business Insider states that Malta has been at the forefront of progressive social reforms in Europe since the Labour government was elected in 2013. For that, Malta quite comfortably deserves its ranking of being the best European country for LGBTQ+ rights as deemed by the European Region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA- Europe).

In light of such radical progress in Malta, this post will look briefly at the origins of “gay conversion therapy”. It will also briefly outline the United Kingdom (UK) and American’s current stance in regard to this practice. (more…)


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Today marks the seventh International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia, or IDAHO. Since 2005, IDAHO has been observed on 17th May to commemorate the date of the World Health Organisation’s decision to remove homosexuality from its list of recognised psychiatric disorders.

For some commentators, IDAHO 2011 was an opportunity to celebrate the progress on gay and trans rights across the globe. Demonstrating the changing cultural landscape for LGBT people in the West, Lady Gaga took over editorial control of the international newspaper group Metro for IDAHO, illustrating too the potential power of celebrity endorsements of LGBT rights. In one Metro article published under Gaga’s careful supervision, Cary Alan Johnson, executive director of the International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission, noted the “huge progress” already made towards greater LGBT equality world-wide.


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