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Emily Parker & Olivia Beard


The Church of England is set to allow the appointment of gay bishops, even if they are in a civil partnership, provided they have not been sexually active whilst in the priesthood. The guidance will outline that sexual orientation must not be taken into account when considering whether a person is suitable to be a bishop (see the document here). Last year, Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Williams twice refused to allow a homosexual to become a bishop; the guidance aims to prevent such discriminatory action. However, General Synod member Christina Rees warns that the guidance is ‘too open’:  for example it says that a selection committee could veto a gay candidate if ‘the appointment of the candidate would cause division and disunity within the diocese in question’, which it could easily argue is the case.

Dan Savage has been awarded a ‘Special Achievement’ Webby Award for his work on the ‘It Gets Better Project’ which provides support for the LGBT community who are victims of bullying. The project was founded by Dan Savage in 2010 after the suicide of Billy Lucas. Originating on the YouTube channel, the project depicts ordinary people and various celebrities sharing their experience and providing support to LGBT youth who face bullying and harassment. The Albert Kennedy Trust is also aiming to raise awareness of difficulties the LGBT community face through the launch of a new television advert, although with a very different tone. (more…)

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