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Chantell Burrows & Nikki Godden (Blog Editors)

In the Press

All over the world women were celebrated, inspired and acknowledged for their achievements.   It’s a time to reflect on the progress that has been made towards gender equality, as well as raising awareness as to particular challenges women still face in certain countries, and problems that are shared worldwide.  On 8 March 2011, in its 100th year, International Women’s Day has acquired a dominant presence in the press globally.

From the UK, the Guardian had a fantastic webpage dedicated to the day – check this out if you haven’t already for the many and varied reports and stories – and all the comment articles were written by women.  Overall, the feeling conveyed is of both pride and disappointment.  Women should be proud to celebrate their history and progress in many ways, but we should not lose sight of the issue at hand.  (more…)

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